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I am a big fan of Age of Empire and love strategy games. Kingdoms of Camelot is so far the best Multi-player real time strategy game online. This game is very easy to learn by following some beginner quests. But if you are not into strategy games then you might find the game a bit hard to follow or play at the beginning.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to Raise Might?

In the game your overall strength is measured by Might. To level up in the game you will need to increase your Might. Currently the level cap in the game is 60 and to reach there, you will need to earn 2,000,000 Might. Might is calculated based on your Buildings/Building Level, Troops and Defence.

kingdom-of-camelot-cheats-buildingsOne of the best ways to gain Might is by constructing and upgrading your buildings. Each time you build and upgrade a building your Might will increase. The main reason for focusing on buildings to grow Might is that buildings cannot be destroyed in a battle so after an attack the Might you have gained from the buildings will remain the same.

Training Troops: kingdom-of-camelot-cheats-troops

Training your troops also increase Might. The more troops you have, the more Might you will gain. It is very important that you balance training your troops with your food management. Some troops will give you the highest Might but food upkeep for that troop maybe a lot higher than the rest. If you lost your troops after a battle, your Might will decrease and you will have to build your troops again to regain the Might.

Build Defense:
Earning Might from the building defense is a new update in Kingdoms of Camelot. To build your building and field defense click on the city walls and keep building defenses until they reach the maximum.

Build more Cities:
The more cities you have, the quicker your Might will increase. If you have more than one city you can build more buildings and troops at the same time rather than waiting for one to finish.

The things that don’t increase you Might:

Wilderness: Conquering a wilderness does not give any additional Might.

Resources: Gold, Wood, Stone and Ore,

Attack: Winning a battle doesn’t reward you any additional Might.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to get Free Gems?

Gems are a special type of currency in Kingdoms of Camelot to purchase special items. Game developers made sure that there are no cheats to get free Gems as by selling Gems for real money to the players they make profit.

There are couple of ways you can earn free Gems without spending real money.

Each player receives 10 free Gems when they start playing Kingdoms of Camelot.

Free Gems can be won in the Tournament of Might and the Tournament of Crests. The top players in each tournament get 1000 free Gems as a reward and 5th position also gets 100 free Gems.

Another way of getting free Gems is to complete free online offers. Even they say it’s free but actually not. To get free Gems they will ask you to purchase a service or complete an online survey where you will have to give away your email address, phone numbers, home address and other personal information.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to increase Gold Income?

There is a trick of getting a lot of extra Gold and not cheating. Go to the Castle and set your Tax to 0 percent, which increase the happiness of the population of your kingdoms rapidly up to 100 percent. Once the happiness reach 100 percent, click Increase gold and you will be collecting gold but the happiness will drop by 20. As your tax is set to 0 the happiness will rise up to 100 very quickly and you can collect gold again. If you keep doing this, you would be able to make up to 5 times more gold than the normal hourly production.

Follow the quests in the game and always make sure to claim the title that is awarded to your character which will raise your gold production faster. Gold production increases with the higher title.

Selling unused resources in the Market place is another way to increase your gold. Wood and Food usually sell for a very good price.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to Manage your Resources?

The key to success in this Multi-player real time strategy game is to find the most efficient balance between the growth and resource production. The larger the army you want to have, the more resources you will need.

There are many factors that go in to resource production, including the types of fields that are owned, the number, type and level of wildernesses captured and the skill levels of the Knights assigned.

Check the link below to learn how to manage your resources more effectively.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to Manage your Field?

At the very beginning before you start placing farms, sawmills, quarries or mines in your fields, you need to think about the end state of the game. When you have 100,000 troops, the resource you will need the most, is not wood, stone or ore. It is food. Your troops eat a LOT of food, so prepare yourself now. If your sort your fields at the beginning of the game, it will save you a lot of headaches later!

Check the link below to learn how to manage your Fields more effectively.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to Manage your Troops?

In the game Kingdoms of Camelot, having the correct balance of troops and managing your resources is critical to your success.  It is very important that before you start to build your army that you have enough hourly food production to support your troops.  If your hourly food production is in the negative it means your troops are consuming more food than your city can produce.


Check the link below to learn how to manage your Troops more effectively.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to build a strong Army?

This real time strategy game Kingdoms of Camelot is all about Conquering and Defending your city.  For that you will need to have a strong Army.

Check the link below to learn about the different types of troops which is critical when deciding what to build to win a battle or defend your cities.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to Maximize your Attack?

Kingdoms of Camelot is a Multi-player game that requires you to build cities, manage resources and a mass army. You may build additional cities and conquer wildernesses, but always make sure that you balance your resource production with the size of your army. If you run out of food, they will abandon your cities.

Check the link below to learn how to maximize your attack on enemies.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to Defend an Attack?

In the game Kingdoms of Camelot, one of your tasks is to grow your single, ill-equipped city into a thriving empire.  You can build multiple cities and join powerful alliances to become a raging force in the land of King Arthur.
Early in the game, you may not have the defenses to protect yourself against attacking players.

Check the link below to get some ideas on how to protect your self and eliminate losses to aggressive players.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to Manage Wall and Field Defense?

In Kingdoms of Camelot wall and field defenses are important to protecting your city.  It is important to have a good assortment of field and wall defenses.  When first starting out, you should build up your resources and buildings.  This will allow you to build your field defenses.

Check the link below to learn how to manage your Wall and Field defenses.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: How to use your Knights effectively?

One of the least known aspects of the game Kingdoms of Camelot is the appropriate and powerful Knights. Knights can add a tremendous value to you in build faster, attacking more powerfully, researching more quickly and producing more resources.

Check the link below to learn how to manage your Knights effectively.

Tricks and Cheats for Kingdoms of Camelot: Best way to use Divine Inspiration

In Kingdoms of Camelot your buildings are capped at level nine unless you are fortunate enough to acquire a Divine Inspiration. To get Divine Inspiration you will need Gems and Gems are not easy to get. So when you get a hold on to the precious Devine Inspiration you need to use it carefully.

Check the link below to learn how to use Devine Inspiration correctly.

Kingdoms of Camelot: 38 frequently asked Questions

1.    Where do I begin?
2.    How do I complete my Quest?
3.    Why can’t I build a stable?
4.    How do I get Merlin’s Tokens?
5.    How do I get free Gems?
6.    Why do I need coordinates?
7.    Why can’t I find my City?
8.    I do I ignore other players who is being annoying?
9.    How do I whisper to other players?
10.    How do I train my troops?
11.    How do I speed up troops training time?
12.    How do I research technology?
13.    How do I demolish a building?
14.    How do I speed up build and research time?
15.    What is the highest level upgrade for buildings?
16.    What are resources?
17.    How do I get more resources?
18.    What is going to happen to my troops if I run out of food?
19.    How do I see my resources?
20.    How does the market work?
21.    How does population work?
22.    Does idle population have any negative effect?
23.    Does it matter if I have got negative idle population?
24.    How do I use my knights?
25.    What is Knight Loyalty?
26.    How can I avoid attacks?
27.    How can I save my resources from the attackers?
28.    How do I increase my might?
29.    Why did my might go down?
30.    Why do I need to join an Alliance?
31.    How do I join an Alliance?
32.    How do I find the best Alliance?
33.    How do I create my own Alliance?
34.    What is Wilderness?
35.    How do I conquer a wilderness?
36.    How do I know how many troops to send to capture a wilderness?
37.    How do I build a second City?
38.    How do I reassign troops and knights to my other cities?

Check the link below for the answers of all the above questions.

Video Tutorial: How to Play Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook

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